Being self aware is a key component of being successful in any job – no matter what you are doing or at what level. Self assessment instruments are a great way to give individuals the opportunity to obtain information about their strengths and development needs and to increase their understanding of themselves.
Team Management Profile
The Team Management Profile (TMP) looks at the characteristics of high performing teams and individuals’ work preferences. This information is extremely useful for all staff, especially leaders, in understanding both their own style of working and the interactions they have with their managers, colleagues and clients. The individual profile is derived from responses to a questionnaire that measures preferred approaches to work in respect of:

  • relating to others
  • gathering and using information
  • making decisions
  • organising self and others.

We find this instrument valuable for both personal development and team building as it provides significant insight into individuals’ strengths and development needs and preferred ways of operating.

The TMP also provides a useful launchpad for the QO2 and Windows on Work Values.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) is a thinking styles assessment tool. It identifies the preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. It also provides individuals with a significantly increased level of personal understanding. The HBDI identifies and measures the strength of preference for each of the four distinct thinking styles. These correspond to the cerebral hemispheres and the limbic system of the brain. The questionnaire for the HBDI is completed on-line before a workshop where the instrument is analysed and results are explained.

DiSC Personal Profile System
DiSC Personal Profile System is about understanding, accepting and respecting difference. It is also about managing difference. DiSC is one of the most widely used measures of behaviour used in the workplace. The main strength of the profile is that it is jargon free and easy for people to understand and use. Since it measures behaviour not personality, it is ideally suited to workplace situations. Individual profiles present a plan to help you understand yourself and your impact on others.