We provide coaching and mentoring services in Canberra and Australia. We provide this service to staff across all industries and specialise in supporting public sector employees at all levels. We work in partnership with our coachees to build their capability. We modify and adapt our structured coaching approach to meet their needs which means that sometimes we are a facilitator, mentor, motivator, guide or teacher. Coaches tailor conversations to individual requirements, with a focus on encouraging people to take stock of their current situation and skills, set goals, consider their options, overcome obstacles and take control.

Coaches don’t tell people what to do, they support people to explore and achieve what they want.

Confidentiality is a critical part of any successful coaching as the coachee must have confidence in the process. Our coaches are trained in, have a deep understanding of, and uphold the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. One of the key competencies is meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards including confidentiality. Therefore our coaches will keep the content of any discussions with individuals confidential and will not repeat individual information to a third party.

Career transition coaching

Career transition coaching assists people to really focus on what is next for them in their career and how to get there. More specifically, it provides a strategic opportunity to identify personal career goals, determine actions to achieve them, explore ways to manage in the current environment and review progress over time.