We provide the facilitation of a wide range of events including workshops, planning days, focus groups, community consultations, team building days and stakeholder engagement workshops. Examples of recent assignments:

  • Planning day for the executive leadership cohort of an ICT division in a large government department. The outcome was agreement on priorities for the coming year and agreed improvements to some of their business processes
  • Facilitation of a workshop with senior staff and community/government stakeholders to develop the key components of a strategic plan for a small government agency. We took the outcomes from the workshop and developed a draft of their strategic plan which was accepted and endorsed by the Executive
  • To assist a small government agency gather early data for a large report they were writing we designed and provided the facilitation of two half-day stakeholder engagement workshops. The workshops were attended by 20 key stakeholders from government, universities, not-for-profit organisations and private companies. We designed and facilitated these workshops. The purpose was to gather critical information on the type of information that should be included in the report and what data needed to be collected. Importantly the workshops achieved stakeholder engagement to the process of developing the report
  • We designed and provided the facilitation of a half day team building workshop for a small section in a large government agency. The Team Management Profile was used and assisted participants to understand their work and communication preferences.

Diagnostic Instruments

We are accredited to use a range of diagnostic instruments to assist individuals and teams to understand themselves better. These are useful in a wide range of circumstances particularly team building.

The diagnostic instruments fall into two categories:

Self Assessment Diagnostic Instruments

Multi-source or 360 Degree Feedback Instruments