Collaborative Negotiating

About this Workshop

The challenge for Australia’s public sector is how to optimise the use of scarce resources to maximise benefits for our communities. This program offers a specialist approach in using collaboration within the public sector. The dynamics and haggling of ‘us versus them’ can feel pressured and mostly results in sub-optimal outcomes for all parties. Instead, learn the definition and process of collaboration along with practicing how to generate agreements that produce higher quality benefits for all.

Learning Outcomes


Benefits to your Organisation

Improved workplace behaviours aligned with the Values and Code of Conduct

Foster calm and considered responsiveness and reduce unproductive reactivity

Increased awareness and understanding of system dynamics for groups and society

Shift mindsets and skills for teams to work more effectively and efficiently in collaboration

Increasing the likelihood of projects and policies to work more productively and produce higher-level outcomes for community

Useful behaviours practiced in this workshop

Asking powerful questions to elicit and generate useful information and help progress the work

Learn and explore the effect of linguistic patterns on collaboration

Exploring multiple perspectives and developing real empathy

Micro-behaviour body language – how your head, hands, feet and movement can promote inclusivity

Reframing thinking patterns to trigger useful responses

Plan negotiations with the Agreement Focused Framework

Building rapport, safe connection and engagement

Techniques for finding agreement and moving from competition to co-operation

Delivery Options

We are adaptable to change and can accommodate face-to-face workshops as well as seamless, interactive virtual deliveries.


Virtual Delivery

Client Feedback

"The program was great, it included valuable skills any APS employee would benefit from."
- Executive Level APS participant
"The facilitator was fantastic in her ability to engage, encourage and inspire the participants. I would love to do more courses like this one."
- APS participant

Your Facilitator

Leanne Speaking

Leanne Elliott

Principal Consultant at Interaction

Leanne is enjoying a career spanning in excess of 30-years, with significant periods of time spent working in the public sector, at all levels of government, in both Canberra and NSW. She has worked at senior levels designing and managing programs and projects relating to leadership, change, negotiation, dispute resolution and regulatory capability development.

Leanne has developed masterful skills in:

  • Facilitation
  • Influencing
  • Negotiation
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Presentations
  • Management and Leadership Development

Leanne's coaching experience:

  • Project management of whole of organisation transformations
  • Government commercialisations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic assessment
  • Diagnosis and planning
  • Complex and intangible evaluation.

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