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Leanne HD

Leanne Elliott

Principal Consultant

Overview and Experience

Leanne is enjoying a career spanning in excess of 30-years, with significant periods of time spent working in the public sector, at all levels of government, in both Canberra and NSW. She has worked at senior levels designing and managing programs and projects relating to leadership, change, negotiation, dispute resolution and regulatory capability development.

Professional Strengths

Facilitation and Presentations

Influencing and Negotiation

Organisational Change Management

Management and Leadership Development

"I create engaging environments where people explore and learn how to more easily realise their work productivity and resourceful relationships."

Leanne Elliott

Influencial Projects

Leadership development program (APS 6 – EL2 )

Designed and led a 5 year leadership development program for levels APS 6 – EL2 at an Australian Commonwealth department. Included SES training and coaching, a custom diagnostic tool, longitudinal evaluation. Resulted in the awarding of a Commonwealth Public Service Australia Day Medal.

Negotiation Capability Development Program

Designed and managed a Negotiation Capability Development Program for an Australian Commonwealth department to coach 60 staff undertaking multi-lateral negotiations with the State Governments concerning water reform measures

Regulatory Capability Development Program

Designed and led a Regulatory Capability Development Program for an Australian Commonwealth department to establish a Corporate Regulatory Policy and Practice function, including Regulatory Strategy, Policy, training, infrastructure and deployment approaches. Project implementation involved facilitating multi-discipline staff working groups to redesign processes and monitor implementation.

Training Leadership Development (APS 4 – EL1)

Training Leadership Development for APS 4 – EL1 level staff in preparation for posting to Australian International Missions and supervising locally engaged staff.

Leadership Development for Australian International Missions

Using virtual delivery for training Leadership Development for Asian based Australian and locally engaged staff in Australian International Missions. Similar sessions included Australian APS staff posted in missions in Kenya, Iran, South Korea, Vanuatu, Tahiti and Poland.

Negotiation and Influence skills for APS staff (APS 5 – EL2)

Since 2020, designed and delivered over 60 iterations of Negotiation and Influence skills for APS staff levels APS 5 – EL2, and Graduate programs, with multiple Commonwealth agencies, including exclusive subject delivery through the APS Academy Public Calendar.

Australian Commonwealth agency’s suite of Learning and Development Programs

Undertook a comprehensive evaluation of an Australian Commonwealth agency’s suite of Learning and Development Programs deploying the MERI (Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement) method.

Training for Electronic Document and Records Management Systems

Undertook user needs analysis, designed and delivered deployment and training for Electronic Document and Records Management Systems in two large Australian Commonwealth Departments and a small not-for-profit.

Three day strategic planning session for a NSW Public Agency

Design and facilitation of a three day strategic planning session for a NSW Public Agency to allocate substantial funding increases for climate change research.

Organisational restructuring and conflict resolution

Design and delivery of an organisational restructuring and conflict resolution process over four months for a private ophthalmic hospital in Sydney.

Business improvement projects saving $40,000 p.a.

Facilitated action learning and business improvement projects working with Year 11 High School Students for multiple organisations, including American Express Sydney Office that resulted in a $40,000 p.a. saving in the management of obsolete IT equipment.

Commonwealth and NSW Public Sector commercialisation projects

Team participant in nine Commonwealth and NSW Public Sector commercialisation projects to design and facilitate re-engineering of business administration processes for finance and HR management, business development, contract administration and organisational reporting.

Multi-day Supervisor training

Designed and delivered over 20 iterations of a multi-day Supervisor training for a large and nationally based Commonwealth department covering HR policy and conditions combined with leadership skills. This project is now entering its third year of delivery and is conducted in all capital cities. Design included a staff focused needs analysis identifying typical situations requiring in-depth skills development.

Business Improvement Award in the 2001 Australian Quality Awards

Designed and facilitated a Business Improvement Project for a large Sydney-based engineering consulting firm. The project consisted of facilitating 7 self-directed staff teams, each working on a different business requirement. Received a Business Improvement Award in the 2001 Australian Quality Awards.

Negotiation Programs


Negotiation Foundations

There are two main types of negotiation: competitive bargaining and collaborative negotiation. We use both every day and this workshop will explore the different definitions, processes and skills for each and when and how to use each.

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Collaborative Negotiating Program

This program offers a specialist approach in using collaboration within the public sector. The dynamics and haggling of ‘us versus them’ can feel pressured and mostly results in sub-optimal outcomes for all parties. Instead, learn the definition and process of collaboration along with practicing how to generate agreements that produce higher quality benefits for all.

What people say

"Fabulous session, highly valuable and expert information from Leanne."
- Executive Level APS participant
"The facilitator was fantastic in her ability to engage, encourage and inspire the participants. I would love to do more courses like this one."
- APS participant
"Leanne was a highly skilled and experienced trainer in her field of expertise."
- APS participant
"The course was excellent, I learnt a great deal, Leanne is fantastic/knowledgeable and engaging, and I appreciate the mix of theory with practical applications relevant to the department’s workplace. Grateful to be able to participate in the course."
- APS Executive Level 1 participant
I am a student from the Audrey Fagan Board Traineeship run in 2021. Today I was given the good news that I have won a position as the parent member on our local Primary School board. Leanne, I wanted to write to thank you, the ACT Office of Women and my mentor Alison, for giving me the opportunity to undertake the traineeship, for the education provided and for guidance of such an astute mentor. All of these factors gave me the confidence to write an expression of interest for the position and put myself forward. With sincere thanks and gratitude,
- Leia (Audrey Fagan Board Traineeship Student)

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