Coaching and mentoring

We pride ourselves on supporting transformation and improvement
at an individual, team and organisational level.

Interaction provides coaching and mentoring services to individuals across all industries; specialising in supporting public sector employees at all levels.

We work in partnership with our coachees to build their capability. We modify and adapt our structured coaching approach to meet their needs which means that sometimes we are a facilitator, mentor, motivator, guide or teacher. Coaches tailor conversations to individual requirements, with a focus on encouraging people to take stock of their current situation and skills, set goals, consider their options, overcome obstacles and take control.

Coaches don’t tell people what to do, they support people to explore and achieve what they want.

Confidentiality is a critical part of any successful coaching as the coachee must have confidence in the process. Our coaches are trained in, have a deep understanding of, and uphold the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. One of the key competencies is meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards including confidentiality. Therefore our coaches will keep the content of any discussions with individuals confidential and will not repeat individual information to a third party.

We work in partnership with our coachees to build their capability.

We coach managers and staff through one-on-one or group sessions to:

Deal sensitively with complex staff performance management

  • giving and receiving feedback
  • improving performance and managing underperformance

Develop skills to enable a move to the next level

  • leadership skills
  • strategic advice

Progress their career

  • career planning
  • writing applications
  • preparing for interviews

Develop skills to excel in their current position in the APS

  • leadership and management
  • communicating with influence
  • writing for their department
  • self-management
  • project management
  • organisational skills
  • improving wellbeing and resilience

Tailor mentoring programs

  • development of program guidelines
  • information sessions
  • training for mentors
  • individual ongoing assistance to participants

Career transition coaching

Career transition coaching assists people to really focus on what is next for them in their career and how to get there. More specifically, it provides a strategic opportunity to identify personal career goals, determine actions to achieve them, explore ways to manage in the current environment and review progress over time.

Plan strategically for new career opportunities with our coahcing sessions.

Our team

The knowledge, skills base and expertise of our coaches are significant, with achievements across a range of sensitive and complex consultancies.

We pride ourselves on supporting transformation and improvement at an individual, team and organisational level. Before commencement of delivery we assign and commit our consultants and the necessary office resources.

All our consultants have worked at executive levels in Government and are highly experienced coaches. They understand the context of the Australian Public Service and have a thorough knowledge of the way it works. This background enables us to provide impactful coaching to APS staff, yet our coaches experience and knowledge transfers seamlessly into private industry. Full resumes are provided in the “Our Team” tab on our website. Short bios for each Interaction coach is provided below:

Erin Riley is a Principal Consultant who has extensive leadership experience. She has worked in both the APS and the private sector in a variety of management roles. Since 2007, she has been working as a consultant and executive coach to people in a wide range of organisations. Erin also sits on recruitment panels for the public sector and can bring her current skills and experience into each coaching session. She is accredited in diagnostic development tools and has qualifications in coaching. Erin builds rapport very quickly with individuals and adapts her style to their preferences to maximise the outcomes and provide good value for money.

Lesley Richards is an Associate Consultant who has extensive leadership experience. She worked in the Australian Public Service for 20-years in a variety of policy, program and corporate roles. Since 2000 she has been working as a consultant and executive coach to people in a wide range of public sector organisations. Up until recently, Lesley was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in the ACT for eight years, and for four of these, she was the President. She is in the final stages of submitting her application to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the ICF. Lesley builds rapport very quickly with individuals and adapts her style to their preferences to maximise the outcomes and provide good value for money.

Brigid Hardy is the Company Director and has many areas of expertise including executive coaching, strategic leadership development, change management and organisational development. She is accredited to use the TLC, the Strengths Profile and LPP360. She has been consulting for over 10-years and coaching senior staff for over eight years, including being a lead facilitator and coach for the APSC’s SES Band 1 participants of the APSC’s leadership development program. Other recent assignments include delivering 360-degree debriefing and coaching for the Department of Environment and Energy’s SES Resilience Program, 360-degree feedback and leadership coaching for Mastering Leadership participants at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and 360 degree debriefing for senior staff at the Australian Research Council.

Stand out with coaching
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Our approach: Coaching phase diagram

Our Approach Phase Diagram - Coaching

Our coaching and mentoring impact: two case studies:

Coaching and Mentoring program

Working in partnership with a Government client, Interaction developed a suite of development programs focused on developing leadership capabilities.

The program was designed to prepare high-performing executive level staff with supervisory responsibilities for future strategic leadership roles. The approach was consistent with the 70:20:10 model of learning and development, and included significant coaching and mentoring elements including:

  • a 360 degree (Life Styles Inventory) profile feedback session
  • up to three follow up coaching/mentoring one-on-one sessions.

Coaching and mentoring occurred over a 16-week period and had a significant impact on building leadership capabilities and confidence in the two cohorts of approximately 40 participants.

Both during and after the program participants were asked to provide feedback on their experience.

Participant Testimonials
“Life changing, career changing. I will be looking to have professional coaching yearly to cement the changes and continue growing my career.”

“Coaching support was excellent!”

“I found the coaching to be the most useful element of the program.”

“The LSI was fantastic, and the coaching was necessary to really derive value from it.”

"The coaching sessions were great….”

“My coach Lesley was brilliant, the best part of the program.”

“Excellent coach; very valuable.”

Group Coaching

Interaction worked in partnership with an Australian Government agency to facilitate group coaching sessions for its EL2, EL1 and APS cohorts, with a focus on developing leadership capabilities.

The cohort groups were split to ensure that our coach could address the leadership challenges relevant to each particular cohort. During the first session our coach worked with each group to establish a set of operating principles and ground rules to ensure that conversations were constructive, maintained privacy and focused on the development of actions.

Each group coaching session included:

  • a topic area of focus
  • pre-reading
  • peer to peer learning.
About the sessions
Each session was two-hours in duration. This allowed time to discuss responses to the pre‑reading, explore the implications for the organisation and develop a strategy as part of a group and/or develop individual action plans. Our coach ensured that participants took a constructive approach to discussions and identified actions that could be applied in the workplace.

Where appropriate, content was aligned to encourage shared understanding and a similar language across the cohorts.

During each session outcomes and any agreed actions were recorded, as well as any challenges or barriers/agency issues. These were circulated to participants for follow up as well as the organisation’s executive so that they had sight and understanding of the issues discussed. At the beginning of the next session participants revisited the actions briefly, reflecting on progress and sharing any insights.

In between sessions Interaction coaches supplied articles, links and resources that were relevant to the themes discussed by the participants.

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