Link and Lead

in partnership with the Australian National University (ANU) College of Health & Medicine

Link and Lead recognises the need to support leadership development of clinical leaders internationally and fills this gap with high-quality coaching and leadership workshops in a pilot project in partnership with the Australian National University Medical School. 

We appreciate that clinicians who take on leadership roles often do so without any formal or in-depth training in leadership. Being an expert clinician does not automatically translate to being an excellent clinical leader.

Interaction Consulting is pleased to be delivering this program to clinical leaders in Australia and internationally.

Leadership skills

Enhance practical leadership skills for clinicians at all leadership levels

Contemporary research

Use contemporary research and a strong applied evidence base

Individual context

Be sensitive to the individual cultural and organisational context of each leader


Provide a way of connecting with other clinical leaders

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is defined as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership” (International Coaching Federation).

We offer one-to-one or small group sessions that are not limited by pre-determined content but are responsive to the challenges, interests and aspirations of each person/group. Scheduling will be done to match your availability.

Coaching Fees ($AUD excluding GST)
One-to-one coaching
3 x 1-hour sessions
$770* or $1440
7 x 1-hour sessions
$1575* or $3150
7 x 1-hour sessions including a 360° leadership feedback tool
$2124* or $3699
Group coaching
6 x 1-hour sessions
$600* or $1200

*Link and Lead includes financial support for leaders from developing countries in the form of a 50% discount on the full fees. A list of developing countries can be found here.

^Express interest for no initial fee and we will run this when we have sufficient numbers (groups of 4 people).

If you have queries about Leadership Coaching please contact:


These are a series of topic-based leadership workshops with a focus on various approaches and aspects of leadership skills in the healthcare environment. Express your interest for no initial fee and we will run each one when we have sufficient numbers (groups of 8 – 12 people).

Workshops Fees/pp ($AUD excluding GST)
Strengths-based approaches to healthcare leadership - exploring contemporary models which identify and emphasise strengths as the foundation for effective leadership
3 x 90-minute workshops over 6 – 8 weeks
$475* or $875 including strengths report
Leading change in healthcare - using key models to enhance your ability to successfully lead and embed change
3 x 90-minute workshops over 6 – 8 weeks
$400* or $800
Leadership and personality types – exploring your type (its leadership potential and blind spots), awareness of others and the researched applications to healthcare
4 x 90-minute workshops over 8 – 10 weeks including Myers Briggs personality type questionnaire
$635* or $1130 includes Myers Briggs materials
Leading and improving team culture in healthcare – using a number of validated models to understand your team’s culture and how to lead improvement
3 x 90-minute workshops over 6 – 8 weeks
$470* or $870 includes Group Styles Inventory materials

*Link and Lead includes financial support for leaders from developing countries in the form of a 50% discount on the full fees. A list of developing countries can be found here.

If you have queries about the Workshops please contact:

Our facilitators

Our coaches and facilitators highly skilled and qualified and have extensive experience in a wide variety of healthcare environments. 

Brigid Hardy

Company Director

Brigid Hardy is a trusted leader, strategic advisor, neuro-leadership qualified coach and capability development specialist. She has over 16 years’ experience coaching and supporting people to continuously improve and introduce positive and successful change.

View Brigid’s resume here.

Erin Riley

Principal Consultant

Erin Riley is a highly experienced and engaging facilitator with extensive experience designing and delivering leadership, management and a broad range of other capability development programs, including diploma to graduate qualification programs.

View Erin’s resume here.

Poppy Griffiths

Associate Consultant

Poppy Griffiths is a neuroscience-trained professional coach and speaker who works with individuals to advance their career and life success, the personal and leadership development of women, and the positive mental wellbeing of teams. She delivers coaching and workshop programs and is a regular keynote and high-energy event speaker.

View Poppy’s resume here.

Tania Willis

Associate Consultant

 Tania Willis is an experienced facilitator with specialisation in management and leadership, team building, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, with qualifications in leadership, coaching and training.

View Tania’s resume here.

James Young

ASSOCIATE Consultant

James Young is has extensive experience in collaborating, presenting and facilitating learning. He coaches people to develop their presentation and facilitation skills and their leadership and team management capacities.

View James’ resume here.

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