Professional facilitation

We offer strategic planning sessions, operational planning days, and team-building workshops.

Professional Facilitation

Professional facilitation is used by many organisations to assist with strategic planning and team building. Done well, it helps groups explore problems, contribute to change pathways, make joint decisions, create actionable plans, learn from each other, and move beyond existing thinking, habits, and behaviours. Professional facilitators are neutral, unbiased, impartial third parties, who keep the group on track and provide some perspective from the natural tendency to groupthink.

Why we do it

Leaders and executives often wonder if they can orchestrate and fully participate in a facilitation workshop. An external facilitator allows organisation, team leaders, and business owners to fully participate in the process of exploration, goal setting, and action-strategy without having to manage the conversation and potential conflict, keep people to time, and do the impossible task of moving beyond their own experience. Precisely because a professional facilitator is looking from the outside in to your organisation, they bring a different perspective, ask questions, and stimulate conversations in a new way. They also allow you, the leader, to become part of the whole group, immersed in the process, allowing you to hear what your employees and team members think and feel, and by encouraging them to be part of the conversation, you are creating buy-in to change.

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Our Approach

Phase 1 - Inception and Design

From the moment you engage us, we work with you to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. While we can’t be a member of your department, we work hard to become as familiar as we can with your specific needs to create a practical solution. ​

We work with you to tailor a solution.

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Phase 2 - Preparation and Facilitation​

We will work with you to finalise an agenda, facilitation methodologies, and discussion activities to achieve maximum engagement from everyone. We will facilitate the feedback meeting to achieve the agreed objectives, so that everyone walks away with clarity and purpose.​

Our facilitators build rapport quickly.

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Phase 3 - Evaluation and Report

We pride ourselves on our processes and quality products. You will be supported by the Interaction Corporate Services Team, to ensure your day runs smoothly. At the conclusion of the work, we will meet to ensure you are happy with our work and discuss any lessons learnt. We can also record and provide you with a summary of key issues and decisions.​

Our Corporate Services Team ensure smooth delivery.​

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What we do

A facilitation workshop can range from a couple of hours to a full day or more depending on your desired goals and outcomes from the process. Interaction has experienced, skilled, and confident facilitators who can expertly lead a strategic planning session, operational planning day, or a team-building workshop. We make the whole process even easier by planning the agenda and designing the session with you, making sure we understand your goals and objectives, keep the group on track and focused to meet agreed outcomes and actions and are flexible to your needs throughout the process.

How we work

We use well-established activities and tested facilitation methods to achieve results. Taking you on an exploratory journey, we begin by setting group guidelines, ways of working together and encourage the sharing of experiences. This ensures responsibilities are identified and realistic, questions are answered, actions are formulated, outcomes are achieved and ultimately, timeframes for implementation are agreed upon. Your facilitator will also capture and record objectives so you can move forward and progress your goals to the next step. If required, Interaction Facilitators will also prepare a report based on the work done and outcomes agreed upon, to make it easier for you to implement.

We provide the facilitation of a wide range of events including workshops, planning days, focus groups, community consultations, team building days, and stakeholder engagement workshops.

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Recent Assignments

ICT Division Planning Day

We facilitated a planning day for the executive leadership cohort of an ICT division in a large government department. The outcome was successful agreement on priorities for the coming year and agreed improvements to some of their business processes.

Government Agency Strategic Facilitation

Facilitation of a workshop with senior staff and community/government stakeholders to develop the key components of a strategic plan for a small government agency. We took the outcomes from the workshop and developed a draft of their strategic plan which was accepted and endorsed by the Executive.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

We assisted a small government agency to gather early data for a large report they were writing. We designed and provided the facilitation of two half-day stakeholder engagement workshops. The workshops were attended by 20 key stakeholders from government, universities, not-for-profit organisations, and private companies. We designed and facilitated these workshops. The purpose was to gather critical information on the type of information that should be included in the report and what data needed to be collected. Importantly the workshops achieved stakeholder engagement to the process of developing the report.

Team Building Workshop

We designed and provided the facilitation of a half day team building workshop for a small section in a large government agency. The Team Management Profile was used and assisted participants to understand their work and communication preferences.

Diagnostic Instruments and Tools

We are accredited to use a range of diagnostic instruments to assist individuals and teams to understand themselves better. These are useful in a wide range of circumstances, particularly team building.

Learn how we use diagnostic tools to facilitate organisational change.

The diagnostic instruments fall into two categories:

  • Self Assessment Diagnostic Instruments
  • Multi-source or 360 Degree Feedback Instruments
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