Strategic Management Consulting

We partner with public and private sector organisations to help them shape their strategic direction, give authenticity to their internal narrative and project an authoritative and charismatic presence in their marketplace.

How we work

Interaction are established leaders in strategic management consulting.  We pride ourselves on the ability to bring objectivity and problem-solving skills to deliver quality, efficient and timely outcomes. We work in partnership with you to offer professional expertise, sound and politically astute advice, and practical support to:

• Deliver improved systems that are aligned to the environment, needs and culture of the organisation
• Develop clearly defined, rigorous and benchmarked policies and strategies
• Implement change and governance processes which are calibrated to national and international best practice
• Identify, record, assess and manage risk

What we do

Our first conversation with you will always seek to understand your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Our team of consultants have a breadth of experience and subject matter expertise to provide a broad range of strategic advisory solutions, including:

  • Capability reviews
  • Current and future state analysis
  • Strategic corporate and business planning
  • Organisational and process review
  • Organisational change management
  • Organisational culture mapping and action planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Policy design, innovation and review
  • Program design
  • Program performance evaluation
  • Training needs analysis
  • Role evaluation and capability review

Our Iterative Approach

Why we do it

Interaction is passionate about driving positive change and enhancing wellbeing through consultancy excellence and innovation. We are committed to growing and transforming organisational capability and believe that every work team should have the knowledge and expertise they need to deliver both excellence in their work and new ways of doing things. Every business, whether it be public or private sector, will be confronted by complex challenges that it can’t resolve on its own. We are committed to working with you as trusted partners, bringing the right knowledge, experience, tools and insights to bear at the right time so you can successfully move through these large challenges, complex missions, organisational changes, or even crises. Whether you are casting your vision to the furthest horizon, or you are faced with a sudden calamity on your doorstep, we stand ready to assist.

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We work in partnership with you to offer professional expertise.