Self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools

Learn how self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools can benefit your organisation

At Interaction, we are highly experienced in using self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools in a range of business settings. These provide valuable information about thinking, communication and working styles to enhance individual, team and organisation performance. It can also help you know if a new employee is a good fit, understand team diversity for greater collaboration and improve individual employee performance through targeted communication and sympathetic ways of working.

We recommend the following diagnostic tools:

Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument is a self-assessment tool that builds individual awareness of how they process information and communicate at work, to increase personal and group understanding, work within a strengths-based framework and minimise communication misunderstandings at work. This tool is excellent for building self and other awareness through an appreciation of how team members work best.

HBDI Results

Whole Brain® Thinking will change how you view your own thinking preferences and show how you can relate more effectively to those around you.

Because thinking influences everything you do, you must understand your thinking to apply it for better productivity, communication, collaboration and innovation.

team management profile

Team Management Profile (TMP)

Team Management Profile is a self-assessment tool that measures aptitude and personality specifically in terms of how an individual prefers to relate to others, gather and use information at work, make decisions, and organise themselves and others This tool builds self-awareness, awareness and appreciation of others and recognition of
individuals working within the team so you can strategically manage the team’s diversity and strengths.

The Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is a 360-degree feedback tool that analyses information from both the individual leaders and their team, to provide leaders with immediate feedback on their competency and underlying assumptions across two domains, Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. This tool increases a leader’s inner awareness and understanding of their leadership style and how it may impact on their team’s performance, and directly creates opportunities for specific leadership development.

The Leadership Circle Tool

The report from your TLC focuses on a number of elements including:

  • Reactive-Creative Scale – the balance between creative and reactive dimensions. This provides insights about the individual’s goal orientation,
    self-concept and inner motivation
  • Relationship-Task Balance – the balance between the achieving and relating competencies
  • Leadership Potential Utilisation – how the individual compares to other leaders
  • Leadership Effectiveness – how effective the individual is perceived as a leader.

Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

The Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is a 360-degree feedback tool that provides insights into an individual’s personal styles, management styles and leadership styles. These styles represent the essence of an individual’s effectiveness. The profile provides feedback across 12 factors that underlie performance effectiveness.

The LSI is best undertaken by both the individual and a selected group of colleagues. In this way the individual can see how they rate themselves in terms of preferred leadership behaviours, as well as looking at how others view them. The debriefing of this tool can be done in a group or through individual one-on-one coaching.

LPP360 Leadership Profiles

Leadership Performance Profiles (LPP360) are one of the world’s most widely used 360° multi-rater diagnostics are feedback tools. We often use these profiles for the Australian Public Service and are based on and consistent with the Integrated Leadership System (ILS).

There are seven profiles in the suite:

  1. Team Leader Profile (TLP)
  2. Executive Leader Profile 1 (ELP1)
  3. Executive Leader Profile 2 (ELP2)
  4. Senior Leader Profile Band 1 (SLP1)
  5. Senior Leader Profile Band 2 (SLP2)
  6. Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESIP)
  7. Strategic Intelligence Profile (SIP).
LPP 360 Leadership Profiles
Genos 360

GENOS Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment

The Genos emotionally intelligent leadership survey is the best measure of emotional intelligence for leaders. It measures how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership competencies in comparison to others. The more often you demonstrate the competencies measured, the more effective your leadership should be.

This assessment is designed for middle to senior leadership development. It includes customisable rater categories that are used to suit the vernacular your people are familiar with.

Contains: Self-Assessment Results and Feedback from Multiple Rater Levels

Read Sample Leadership 360 Report

Which assessment tool will be right for you, your team or your organisation?

The answer to that really depends on what outcome you are seeking. We invite you to call us and have a conversation about which tool will best fulfil your goals.

What happens after you choose a diagnostic tool?

Self-assessment tools

We arrange for the diagnostic survey to be sent to identified staff to complete and return. We then organise a debrief session which usually last approximately half a day. It provides team members with an opportunity to understand the tool and their individual profile, and what the different profiles mean for group and team dynamics. Group preferences, working under pressure and taking a whole-brained approach to communicating with others are also explored. The session combines interactive, fun and innovative activities and real-life examples.

At the end of the workshop there are self-reflection activities and implementation of both individual and team action plans to continue the process of personal and professional development. This ensures your new knowledge about whole brain thinking and personal communication preferences continues to bring benefits to your working environment and culture.

360-degree feedback tools

We arrange for the diagnostic survey to be sent to a leader’s identified raters to complete and return. We then organise a 90-minute debrief session to explain the tool, contextualise the feedback results, and support the leader to develop an action-orientated plan that allows them to work toward enhanced leadership.

We can also facilitate a team building session for a group of leaders to build a cohesive and collaborative leadership approach, informed by the key themes identified through the 360-degree process.

We usually require a three to four-week turnaround for all diagnostic tools to allow respondents enough time to complete and return the survey.

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