Organisational or workplace wellbeing have become just another thing organisations have to find money to pay for or remember to remember in addition to doing your job. However, recent evidence suggests the way to enhance wellbeing for the majority of employees comes down to embedding five key factors into the operations of every
workplace: people focused health benefits; prioritising intangibles like emotional culture and honest communication; create better bosses who authentically model positive
behaviour; develop an environment to support relationship building; and prioritise the qualities of respect, cooperation, trust and contribution.

At Interaction we realise this can be an overwhelming way to view workplace wellbeing, which is why we are keen to talk to you about what you want and need first before there is any commitment from you, if at all.

Why we do it

Interaction is passionate about driving positive change and enhance wellbeing through consultancy excellence and innovation. It is for this reason our wellbeing specialists are highly trained and experienced consultants and subject matter experts. We want to start working with you where you are now, bringing our expertise and knowledge to be of service.

How we work

We first seek to minimise any overwhelm for you by listening, to understand your perspective and experience, and we seek to have some key-wins early so you can feel the momentum start to shift.

We recommend you start with a Map of Your Organisational Emotional Culture.

Most organisations and companies have discussed their corporate cognitive culture, however, few have talked about what they want their
employees to feel or what their employees need to feel to be successful. We understand that a conversation about emotions can be messy and a workplace minefield, so most workplaces avoid having it.
By doing this they miss out on an opportunity to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, engagement, teamwork and financial performance, and to reduce burnout and absenteeism. A facilitated Emotional Culture workshop with one of our expert wellbeing consultants (backed by rigorous research) is a process driven way to effectively get to the heart of what matters to your people and teams.

We also know that the people who lead an organisation set the tone with their best intentions. It is also true of humans that what makes sense or is meaningful to us
personally doesn’t always inspire or motivate others. As a result, Interaction has developed Creating Better Bosses – a leadership program with a difference.

Leading by example is the most powerful way to engender respect, trust and loyalty in your staff. People don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be inspired and to be shown what “doing it well” looks like. Employees want managers to model positive behaviour, walk the talk, communicate openly and honestly, and help employees feel valued and respected. If you want employees to be well and make lifestyle and operational changes to support individual and organisational wellbeing, leaders and executives need to show how to do this. Creating Better Bosses supports manager, leaders and executives to care for themselves holistically and lead the way for employees through honest communication, resilience and humanity.

Developing your Essential Organisational Wellbeing is an investment that nurtures and protects your most important asset – your people – for organisational excellence and sustainability. When employees perceive they are cared for, they are happier, healthier and better employees.