Learning & development

We design, develop and deliver learning materials and programs for staff at all levels in the public sector.

We provide public sector learning & development in Canberra and regularly travel to other parts of Australia. In addition to this, we deliver virtual training and workshops internationally. We work with our clients to build the capability of their people, teams and organisations. We do this by: 

  • designing contemporary learning materials for use by us or them 
  • delivering highly tailored face to face and virtual workshops that transform behaviour. 
Management consultancy in action. A team is planning a project.

We have been designing and delivering integrated or blended learning and development programs in Canberra for several years and we were an early adopter of the 70:20:10 model of learning and development. 

We design, develop and deliver learning materials and programs for staff at all levels in the public sector in a range of topic areas including: 

  • public sector induction and accountabilities 
  • working with government 
  • public sector writing 
  • policy development, implementation and advice 
  • stakeholder engagement
  • media skills 
  • leadership and management 
  • change management 
  • performance management 
  • mentoring and how to coach 
  • working within and across teams 
  • customer and client service 
  • compelling communication 
  • structuring work 
  • project management 
  • risk management 
  • decision making 
  • personal wellbeing 
  • recruitment and selection processes 
  • job applications and interview skills. 


Our approach: L&D phase diagram

Our Approach Diagram - L&D

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