THE Interaction Consulting team provides specialist services including training programs, advisory work and people-management consulting, says HR and business manager Tammi Perelson. 

The Interaction Consulting team… “We focus firmly on what our clients want and need, together we solve problems and create opportunities,” says Tammi Perelson.

Originally focused on providing training, planning and team building to government agencies, over the past 28 years Interaction Consulting has grown and developed a wider range of management consultancy offerings to the public and private sector.

“We focus firmly on what our clients want and need, together we solve problems and create opportunities,” says Tammi.

The Interaction leadership team… from left, CEO Gareth Norman, director Brigid Hardy and HR and business manager Tammi Perelson.

“We know there’s currently a lot of internal change and staff movement happening in workplaces, as people reassess their careers post-covid.

“This has seen many people thrusted into management positions who might technically be very good at what they do, but have not had the people management training and experience that is so important to create high performing teams,” she says.

The Interaction team can provide one-on-one executive coaching for managers, design training solutions and work with clients to on-board new staff and provide induction training. She says: “We are a trusted pair of hands to help our clients with their training and people management needs.”

Interaction also assists with change management, project management, creating high performance teams as well as empowering managers and supervisors.

“Our team has a wide set of expertise ranging from the public to the private sector. We bring a diversity of skills and life experiences.”

Tammi says Interaction’s ethos comes from the leadership of Brigid Hardy and Gareth Norman.

“Brigid is the most incredible human, with a heart as big as the city,” Tammi says.

“She is passionate about the wellbeing of the team and cares deeply about her clients and providing the best solution for them. Her passion shows and is emulated across our organisation.

“We offer a bespoke, premium service to clients that recognises that their needs are unique, so we design a tailored solution that sets a deliberate and direct course to your goals.”

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